Nankai first started programming in QBasic at the age of twelve where a love for the craft was developed. He is now a full stack software developer at National Instruments. He is a Rubyist and absolutely loves this language and its community.

name = 'Nankai Pan'
company = 'National Instruments'
title = 'Full Stack Software Developer'
location = 'Austin, TX, USA'

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Solid Geometry Edutainment Application for Children Using Tangible AR

It is a novel tangible AR application for children called Magic Shape, which is a fully interactive learning environment on solid geometry education. The application consists a self-tutoring practice environment, a Q&A-based testing mode and an entertaining tangible AR game.




After Action Review for Mixed Reality Conscious Sedation Simulator

This project is part of the Virtual Patient project initiated by University of Florida. I developed the After Action Review module for the conscious sedation simulator. This module allows research team to review past training experiences of the users by providing playback of recorded training experiences.

VirtualPatient AAR

WebSocket Server and Client Implementation

This project is a WebSocket protocol (RFC6455) implementation in Java. It implements both server and client side of the protocol, so it can be used to build both WebSocket servers and clients. You can build web applications that communicate with the server. Currently an echo and an auction website are developed as proof-of-concept client applications.


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  2. Jun Lin, Eunjee Song, Nankai Pan and Hanil Kim. “Using Aspects to Improve Software Test Observability” In Information, Volume 16(8B), pp. 6301-6314, 2013.


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